Red Tail Ring

Where can I get the lyrics to your song 'Wolf and a Man'? thanks! look forward to hearing you again soon in the Ann Arbor area!

Red Tail Ring responded on 04/17/2013

Thanks for asking - here are the lyrics. The first half are traditional and the second half original.

Who's gonna shoe your pretty little foot?
Who's gonna glove your hand?
Who's gonna kiss your red ruby lips, who's gonna be your man?

Papa's gonna shoe my pretty little foot
Mama's gonna glove my hand
Sister's gonna kiss my red ruby lips, I don't need no man.

(Original by Red Tail Ring)
I don't need no man poor boy
I never am alone
Sister's gonna walk me hand in hand, blood will take me home

Mama can't flush your cheeks full of red
Papa can't make you pine
Sister can't pull you in this close and shiver up your spine

To die, taking your hand
A wolf and a man

Who's gonna build that cradle poor girl
and sit a baby on your knee
Who's gonna kiss your cold dead lips
and carve a stone for thee

I don't need no man poor boy
In sickness or in terror
My shadows are my own to keep, children mine to bear

To die, taking your hand
A Wolf and a Man (2xs)

Oooohs. . .

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