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Really enjoyed your show in South Haven, MI. What is your schedule (and address) for square dancing in the Kalamazoo area? Thanks, and hope to see both soon. Really enjoy your latest cd. John

Red Tail Ring responded on 07/08/2013

Hello John -
The schedule for Square Dance Kalamazoo can be found online at : There is a dance tonight (Monday the 8th) with that group! All dances are held at Bell's Brewery in downtown Kalamazoo. The band for tonight is from the Chicago area.

We are planning a rare South Haven dance for this week as well. Michael and I coordinated with our favorite caller -his name is 'T-Claw'- from Kentucky to host a square dance at the Foundry Hall. The date for that is this Thursday, July 11th, at 7:30 pm. The information for this dance is on the Foundry Hall website now. Red Tail Ring will be providing the live old time fiddle music for this dance.

Cheers! We hope to see you sometime this week.
Laurel Premo
Red Tail Ring

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