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Do you have a favorite you tube video that I can give to the Chicago Barndance Company? I emailed them after seeing you at Woodstock and hearing some of your Folkdance show on WFMT. You play dance and we dance! Maybe we can get you a Monday night booking? Also, fyi (in the small chance you don't know) the University of Chicago also has dances during the school year and I bet you'd love and thrill those dancers too.

So, if you can recommend a video to meet the Chicago Barndance desire, I'll send it to them for you. And I'll see if the folks I see at U of C can help with you playing there.

No thanks to me, all to you. You guys are great. Thanks for your music.

Red Tail Ring responded on 07/24/2013

Hello Maureen -

Red Tail Ring usually adds one member when we perform for dances, and the trio that is created is called Bowhunter. Here are links to two videos that represent that ensemble:

These videos are nothing special but hopefully can provide you with a small preview into what we can bring to a dance.

Please write us at to continue the discussion about the Chicago Barndance series. It sounds like a neat series.

Laurel Premo
Red Tail Ring

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