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Hey if you all come to this this area I would love, love to show you around the area, let me know in advance of your dates, I am not fancy gal. and don't really know them but, go to all the festivals, know the families gals, like shawni, marks wife from hw 41 who is having two knee zippers on her knees, that kinda stuffs, hillibilly, like I don't really hang with them but Mark still went to the house to get me a small tshirt and only got a large, they live just down the rode. That kinda folks. Anyway Red Tail Ring can only hope to be as kind as Mark and Highway 41. From Tegan Oh my question is can you all make a t-shirt for a small gal with a v neck?

Red Tail Ring responded on 11/13/2013

Thanks for reaching out. Laurel and I were just talking about making a v-neck t-shirt sometime next year, so we'll keep you posted on that. And we'll definitely let you know when we're going to be in your neck of the woods, especially now that you're on the e-mail list.

Take care,
Red Tail Ring

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