Red Tail Ring

Would like the lyrics to "Eliza", gives me such joy!

Red Tail Ring responded on 11/19/2013

Wow! Same question a day apart. . .

For every ten girls, I ever fancied
Ten times I've been broke
Ten times my love refused,
My bed longly when I awoke,
But it won't stop my heart from dreaming,
Though it does take its toll,
And each lovely I acquaint with,
I slip deeper in the hole

Eliza, you'll run away with me,
So empty out your pockets and step lightly,
Gather your petticoats tightly to your knee,
Make hast and run until we're free

Should I try to heal my madness,
And from my own heart withdraw?
Bind my body to an oak tree,
With a muzzle on my jaw?
But through that muzzle I would cry out,
And my arms would break free,
Gone away the self restraint,
I attempted so desperately

Sweet Ellen . . .

Do not take pity on my heart,
For me do not frown,
For I jubilate in,
The dreams I have known,
Well give me one more dance,
Before the sun drops,
For some it is hard to love,
For me it's hard to stop

Darling Cora . . .
Eliza . . .

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