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Hello! We are a french band playing Irish-Folk-Contry -Cajun music (only covers), called "The Broken Arms". We would like to add your song "Suffer every sound" on ower playlist but we can't find on internet the lyrics and chords. Could you maybe send them to us?

Thanks in advance!

Claire Eveno
accordeon and singer for the Broken Arms

Red Tail Ring responded on 12/12/2013

Hi Claire - thanks for your interest
Lyric sheets come with our physical albums! Here's a link to get one:

Suffer Every Sound

What was that terrible song?/ the harmonies I came to know / I still feel it in the dark of the night / singing from my devil bow // I used to play all night on that tune / I'd suffer every sound / with grace I chose to leave it alone / & now a brighter song is sung // if you aim to darken my heart / if you aim to take what's there / please consider that small cavity / that heartless would be so bare // this old day is all we ever have / standing in joy or woe / in every sorrow something falls away / towards the final letting go

Laurel Premo
Red Tail Ring

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