Red Tail Ring

Okay, just attempted to type out the lyrics:

Katy came breezing in through the screen
Billy said you're the prettiest thing I've seen

I've flown this world with a broken wing
And now I've flown where the dreams may flower
Where the sun forgets to count the hour

Slow down there, slow down my love
Catch your tongue before it gets too rough
Love proclaimed isn't near enough
To keep it up against the stormy winds
Trying to hold on to a man of tin(??)

Oh love, when will we be together oh

Have faith my Katy, have faith my bride
I'm flesh and bone, got nothin' to hide
My love wont turn with the, moonlit tide
When we're thrown to the jaws of life
I'll be your shelter, I'll be your sight
Many a bride have sung this tune
Love's a labor and can leads to ruin
So lets court a while before we jump the broom
On and on by your side
I'll be yours as long as you'll stay mine

Oh love, when will we be together, oh...

Red Tail Ring responded on 12/12/2013

Hello - here's a few corrections to the lyrics

- a love proclaimed isn't near enough
- i'm flesh and bone with nothing to hide
- when we're thrown to the jaws of night
- many a bride hath sung this tune

All of the other lines you had copied correctly.
-Laurel Premo
Red Tail Ring

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