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?s abound, but not near as much as praise... You have overtaken "Uncle Earl" as my get going music in the early morn... You, Laurel, at 3:43 on "Katy" have never failed to stop me dead in my tracks... But, that whole cd is a masterpiece!!! So, my ?: I have all 3 Red Tail Ring albums, but, where can I find your individual releases, Laurel ? cd baby only has one... Also, a little history on, "The Cuckoo" please... ...Don't wanna get pushy, but let us journey back to the studio... Love you Red Tailers!!! Steve aka Desert Dog

Red Tail Ring responded on 02/25/2015

Desert Dog,

Thanks for writing, and for your praise. We really appreciate it. CDbaby is your best bet for past solo albums of Laurel ( and Michael (

The Cuckoo, like most all other tracks on "Mountain Shout" was recorded live. Laurel started off with jaw harp and then switched to fiddle part way through. We do this on a few tracks on that album ("I Wish I Wish/Vamp for John" is the other). The hardest thing is not bumping the mics. I think at one point I had to walk from one mic set-up to the next! "Mountain Shout" was recorded in a beautiful wooden room in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, at Laurel's family home, where she had learned how to play fiddle as a little girl, so that recording has special significance to her for that reason.

Hope that helps,

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