Red Tail Ring

I love your music. You are both fantastic. I adore your take on the old Edward song. I am more or less a beginner\intermediate violin player and would love to learn to play it. Do you use a regular tuning and what key is it played in? I was wondering if you had a piece of music laying around with the notes. I know your crazy busy and made it your own song but I just adore it. Hoping to see you in Lancaster PA in the fall!

Red Tail Ring responded on 08/10/2015

Hi Nikki -
I believe that I use the tuning E B E B on that tune. (Key of E). I keep one of my fiddles tuned down a few steps low like that, because it makes for really enjoyable singing keys for my voice. This relationship, EBEB, is the same as a normal "cross-tuned" fiddle - for example GDGD or AEAE.


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