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Your blend of old and new sounds results in something special, and I'm glad I recently discovered your music! If you have time, can you write out the chord progression for "Ohio Turnpike"? And is the banjo in standard open G (gDGBD)? Lastly, if you ever want to make a tour out west, you might check out Freight & Salvage as a venue in the Bay Area!

Berkeley, CA

Red Tail Ring responded on 08/31/2015

Hi Chris - Thanks so much for your kind words.

The banjo tuning that I use for that song is not standard G, but something called "double C." gCGCD. Have you ever tried out this tuning before? It's one of my favorites. Try fooling around with this tuning a bit and you'll probably have a lot easier of a time picking up the chords on Ohio Turnpike. I'm writing this email while in the car, so I'm not able to jot down a chart for you right now - but get in touch again if you're still having trouble with it.

I do hope that we get out to the Bay Area again (last tour out there was two winters ago now), and will definitely look into performing at Freight and Salvage next time.

Laurel Premo
Red Tail Ring

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