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Hello! I was wondering what the chords are for A Clearing in the Wild? I have been trying to nail them down on my guitar, but have been unsuccessful as I am new-ish to guitar playing. This is hands-down my most favorite song of all time. I find myself listening to it over and over again. It just never EVER gets old! Thanks for your help!

Red Tail Ring responded on 12/05/2015

Hi Becky,

Thanks for your kind words and for listening to "A Clearing in the Wild." That's a really special song for us. Here are the chords:

Capo V (fifth fret)
Intro: Em add9

Em G - C G - C G Em C

Verse 1:
Em G C G C G Em C C
Em G C G Em Em C C

C C G G Bm/add6 Bm/add6 C C (2x)

Verse 2 & 3:
Em G C G C G Em C C
Em G C G Em Em G C C

Hope this helps!
~Michael (& Laurel)

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