Red Tail Ring

Hi guys, absolutely love your sound. Like many others it seems, I came across you via the Blackest Crow video...just beautiful. I've been trying to work out Michael's harmony so that my partner and I can sing it, but can't quite get it down... I'd be really grateful if you could give me a clue as to his line? If you ever find yourselves in the UK, we will definitely be there. Thank you!

Red Tail Ring responded on 05/16/2017

Hi Tom,

Sorry to be getting to this question a *little* after the fact. By now, no doubt, you've developed your own excellent version of "The Blackest Crow" and you have no need for this belated response. But, on the off chance that this might help others, my harmony on TBC is all about singing the third below Laurel's melody line. Pretty much at every chance, I'll sing the third of the chord that's being playing, albeit in a fairly parallel fashion. Hope that helps!

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