Red Tail Ring

Hey, Laurel and Michael!

It was so great to meet the two of you at your show outside of Richmond last night!

If you come back through Richmond anytime soon, I'd recommend looking at either The Camel or The Broadberry - they're right in the city and often host shows in the same vein as Red Tail Ring.

I'm determined to learn "Clearing in the Wild" on the uke after hearing it played live last night, so I was very pleasantly surprised to find that lots of other people love it and have already asked about the chords on here.

I hope to cross paths with you again soon, and enjoy the rest of your tour!


Red Tail Ring responded on 05/16/2017


It was great to meet you! Thanks for giving us so much energy. If you feel up to it, we would love to hear a recording of your version of "A Clearing in the Wild," when you work it up. We love that song too.


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