Red Tail Ring

And although I live in Lakewood (suburb of Denver) Colorado,
I also pass on info. and upcoming concerts to family/friends around the country. And in Denver, Swallow Hill Music Association
is a ideal place for concerts for your type of music.
p.s. I discovered your music today (Sun. July 2, 2017) on
Fort Collins, Co. public radio KRFC-FM and their folk show.
Where I have discovered much good music.
Ahh... public radio - what would we do without it.
Thanks again. Larry Cunningham.
Also their Celtic show on Sunday is another good source of music.

Red Tail Ring responded on 07/10/2017

Hey Larry,
Thanks for the kind words, and for your suggestions in the Denver area. We haven't been back to Colorado in a long time - something we can hopefully rectify before too long.

All the best,
Michael (& Laurel)

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